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The voyage home is a poem by hashim bin ambia this is a beautiful allegory of the umma as a shipbut it was not the storms which tamed our shipit was the pirates and the treachery of the captain and the officers of the ship who were supposed to rally the umma to repulse the pirates and drive them away permanentlyinstead,they joined the pirates and served as their murderous enforcers in the. Hey friends i’m a beauty and lifestyle blogger from canada, ontario faq: what's your ethnicity i'm half palestinian and half mexican where are you from alb. Tarek ambia, who is the treasurer for the muslim association, said the church has been great to the muslim congregation, and ambia cannot thank the church enough for its generosity. Author: topic: 25 names of prophets / anbiya alaihisalaams out of 124000 prophets in quran (read 72996 times) 0 members and 1 guest are viewing this topic.

True stories of prophets of allah, based on the pure teachings of holy quran in this episode, story of hadhrat idrees (as) is discuss. Christianity is the official religion in zambia according to the 1996 constitution, and the vast majority of zambians are christians of various denominations, but many other religious traditions are present.

For muslims, it is a fact that, religion comes before the country they are muslim first and the allegiance to the country is the last thing this is true in zambia as well.

Muslims make up 90 per cent of the gambian population and islam is the largest faith that most people adhere to most are sunni though there are some people who belong to other islamic sects such as shiite, ahmadiyya & bahai faiths in banjul & the kombos.

Ambia muslim
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